How it works?

With DOMScope you can debug and inspect a web application or web site in any platform and any browser.

DOMScope allows bidirectional communication (from your web to the dashboard and vice versa) using Faye. In both ways, you must use the Scope global object.

DOMScope also inserts data-loggid attributes on each DOM element of your web to enable DOM inspection. This way, DOMScope can identify each DOM element and differentiate from another element.


To register a new device, paste this snippet into the <head> of your web.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

And that’s it! Scope.register will send a request to our server to register your device, add data-loggid attributes and send your web’s current location into your device’s dashboard.

Remember: You need to put this code in every page you’ll navigate (except that ones called with AJAX).



Scope has the following methods:

Those methods send information, in the same way that window.console does.

For example, to send the current location, you must send the following instruction:


Visual inspection

Also, there are other methods that show visual information about any existing element in the current view of your web app:

Getting information

Finally, there are methods that give general information about your web app: